Love is the Drug//Roxy Music

Feeling 80s and not gonna apologize for it. Nor will I apologize for breaking all norms of former goths and disclose the fact that I always liked Brian Ferry and Roxy Music. And Queen. Yes, before the movie came out — I used to own the original pressing of The Game by Queen, so pffft. I played the shit outta it, too.

I used to know a few local goths who loved Brian Ferry (more than Roxy), but they said it in whispers and covered by hands so no one could read their lips. They’d accept that Roxy Music had talent and a few admitted that on the flipside of their cassettes they had Rio by Duran Duran (I’ve also been an out-loud-and-proud Duranie, at least their first three albums and pffft, too, on anyone who thinks that’s a terrible thing for a goth to admit). And then I’d break into the first couple of lines of Daybreak by Barry Manilow and everyone would break for the door screaming, knowing their own deviances were nothing compared to those committed by the man still in the room.

And then I would sing ABBA songs, thereby sealing my fate as the person with the absolute dorkiest taste in music before dork was cool.

Aggravated spare for days
I troll down town, the red light place
Jump up bubble up, what’s in store
Love is the drug and I need to score

Showing out, showing out hit and run
Boy meets girl where the beat goes on
Stitched up tight can’t shake free
Love is the drug got a hook on me

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