Final Alice in Borderland post

I’m going to not go too far into the show as a whole — I think I’ve covered most of what I wanted to say about it to begin with and, apparently, I’m terrible about spoilers (although I do my honest best at avoiding anything that would be considered a true spoiler: no significant plot points, for example).

In all? I enjoyed it as a fun little series. I look forward to the next season in the same way as I look forward to the next Witcher season — I’ll make time to watch it, but I won’t be counting down the days until it arrives.

The last few episodes were tense and I think there were some good red herrings in the games as presented. The solution to the games made sense, although the logic didn’t always follow getting there — but that’s me speaking as a former student with a certificate in forensic science and you could tell it was written by folks who were not really up on the actual science behind the forensics they put into the show. Kind of like when CSI kept putting in scanned fingerprints upside down — unless you know there is actually a difference, you wouldn’t realize that they were upside down at least once, and I think I saw several times on the show. So, writer’s forensics not fully vetted was used to solve a problem, except that it was intuition that put the pieces together absent of the forensics. Which makes you wonder why forensics was used in the first place, as it wasn’t ultimately used to solve the game.

The very end of the season was likewise a little over the top. I won’t go into how and why — but let’s just say that it was a little on the bonkers side and didn’t need to be.

Would I watch it again? Perhaps. Will I watch the next season? Sure, when I get around to it. Is it fun and compelling? Certainly. Will it win awards? Probably not.

Should you watch it? Up to you. It’s a bit like live-action anime and, if you hate anime, or Japanese manga tropes, I wouldn’t watch it. The acting is on the higher end for most characters, although — again — no one will win awards. The story is above B-type, but not something that I would call AAA. It’s a good romp, if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t need everything to be perfect.

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