Cold or Covid?

Well, I have to laugh. Laugh or cry.

Coronavirus my have made it’s sneaky way into our home, in spite of all the precautions, sanitations, handwashing, mask wearing, etc.

Someone was around someone who didn’t know that someone had coronavirus (didn’t know herself she had it). Though the someone who lives at my house was wearing a mask, and the someone who didn’t know she was infected was wearing a mask while they were together — they were in the same room for about an hour sucking the same air.

That someone just test positive and so now… yeesh. But — based on what we all know about coronavirus — it is unlikely for my primary contact to have gotten it (and we don’t wear masks around each other), but testing now ensues.


To add to it, I woke up from a dream late last night about being unable to breathe and woke going into coughing fits. Post-nasal drip is the most likely culprit and I’ve been snottier today than yesterday, but the chest tightens when you consider the other possibilities (anxiety), so here come the psychosomatic symptoms with this morning’s news about a potential source (although the timeline doesn’t quite work out for it). Most likely, it’s the twins going back to school this week and, in spite of all the precautions we and the school are taking, one of them gave me a gift of a cold.

But still…

Sigh. I hate this shit.

15 thoughts on “Cold or Covid?

  1. No one likes being sick but it’s not the end of all things. Just some days of being miserable (if you’re anything like me… I make a terrible sick person). Drink some turmeric tea and take a bunch of vitamin c and elderberry syrup. I can tell you some acupressure points to do as well, that will speed things along. 💕

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