She hated herself for looking, but what was she supposed to do when Kira absently dangled her high heel shoe from her toes. That was the clarion call for Paula to admire Kira’s stocking-clad (sheer black, of course) arch, ankles and then began the inevitable crawl up her muscular calves to her thigh. And, dammit, Kira’s dress was short enough that Paula caught a glimpse of the lace top of her stockings and the garter belt that kept those things up on her impossibly long legs.

All afternoon Paula had been distracted — so much so that it seemed a miracle that Kira had yet to notice her frequent and lengthy stares. Or, perhaps, Kira did notice and kept it up for Paula’s benefit. That should have made Paula feel better, but it had the opposite effect — she felt terrible because she wanted to comment on it, but didn’t know if Kira would take it the wrong way if she did.

And they were no where close to getting the Davis project done and it was due to the client before they left for the day.

© Michael Raven

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