‘Frayed knot

New keffiyeh arriving today. One traditional black/white, one black/black. I missed my old one and the basement gets cool some days.

Now — if only I could find some slacks that are as comfy as jogging sweats, I might look less like a slob (and feel like less of one too), but — try as I might — I can’t find anything that isn’t business casual (ugh, tight in the wrong places for comfort) or harem pants (ugh, I feel like a dork). Both are on the extremes and I’m looking for something that isn’t 99% polyester, paper thin, baggy, or too fitted. I swear — I used to have slacks back in the 80s and 90s that fit what I am looking for, but it appears they don’t even make proper carpenter pants these days (they call them than, but they don’t look like that). And everyone thinks I should pay a premium for their kind of crappy product. Most of it isn’t worth more than $20, but I have folks trying to sell me these items for $40 or more, more often than not.

Honestly, I hate today’s clothes because they seem disposable, plasticy, and built for short, slight men from central Asia with no neck, no shoulders and no chest. I have old t-shirts that say XL that have a replacement size of 2XL. I buy jeans and I swear that they made the sizes 2 sizes smaller so that a 36 is now a 38 waist. Same with button-up shirts. I almost have to buy dress shirts now because at least those are sized by chest, shoulder, neck. Everything seems sized smaller than 25 years ago, if it is standard S/M/L/XL/2XL. I’m a stocky guy, so I’ve always had to buy large sizes (I have had a 18 to 19-inch neck since I was 18 years old; mom wanted me to be a linebacker for American football), and I know I’m not as slim as before, but when I can hold up very old shirts and there is a size difference compared to new shirts that goes beyond stretching out, something is wrong. Same with jeans.

And nothing seems to last. I’m not exactly hard on my clothes, being a desk jockey. Seams give way, jeans get holes in places other than knees, mysterious holes appear in shirts above my nipples, collars on shirts evaporate.

And I can’t find some good, old fashioned, hippie slacks to lounge in without paying $60. And even then, those clothes don’t look very durable or comfortable — so I’m not going to pay a premium for them.

[Edit: Turns out that if you use the right keywords on Google, you can find new keywords to try on Amazon. Checking out a pair of 100% cotton slacks that shouldn’t make me feel like Ali Baba when they are delivered Saturday.]


I am getting to be an old cuss.

21 thoughts on “‘Frayed knot

  1. Seriously I’ve had this same conversation. I have two skirts that I got one in the late 90s and the other in 2000. The 2000 one looks near new still. It’s crazy. Then I have a lot of clothes that are about 10-15 years old still going fairly strong… but anything purchased in the last, say 5 years, if it has even survived past a year, looks like my oldest clothes. Crazy. It’s this damn throw-away consumerist society…. don’t get me started. Guess I’m just old-fashioned.

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