Alice in Borderland

On a lark, and for no particular reason other than I recalled glancing at something about Alice in Borderland, and that I didn’t feel like getting frustrated with writing music that didn’t sound like what I had in my head, or fighting a boss monster in a video game… I started the first episode of the show on Netflix tonight.

It’s actually relatively compelling, write possibly because it’s subtitled Japanese and takes place in Tokyo. Kind of.

From what I’ve seen, it’s an escape room story. I’ll give it a few more episodes before I say too much, but I really enjoyed the first episode. Tension, people die, and I genuinely can relate to the characters in spite of them being less than half my age.

Plus, I laughed out loud a few times before shit got serious.

While I’m terrible at puzzles, it looks like there will be some interesting explanations on how the kids “play the game”.

I’ll follow up if I like it. Nice start, though.

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