Untitled tune for 17Jan2021

Well, I decided I needed to move on for the day. A bit more tweaking and cleaning since my post earlier today. No lyrics or singing.

I’m itching to try with that more industrialized sound I mentioned earlier today. I can’t let myself get too deep into songwriting today — adulting is required in a bit — so I probably won’t get very far. Besides, it takes me days to set up the core structure of a song (drums, bass, melody) until I like it enough to build on it. That will be simpler than most songs, as the core for most industrial-like songs is pretty solidly the same, it is the melodies and special events that give them depth — but the root of the song is generally the same throughout.

Anyway, let me know if you have an opinion about this little effort, keeping in mind that I’m more playing around with soundscaping and design, as well as recording techniques than I’m trying to produce something for future listeners to stream.

Just farting around with sound.

© Michael Raven

11 thoughts on “Untitled tune for 17Jan2021”

    1. Thank you. To make it longer, I’ll need to come up with a bridge or key change. Maybe find someone who can sing. Lol. It needs some more variety to begin to be acceptable. One of the things I miss not being able to work with this one guy I used to write songs with all of the time. But then he moved away and didn’t want to be associated with a godless old goth like me.

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      1. If my portable hard drive didn’t eat them, I’ll upload and link to some finalized loop ambient experiments along similar lines that I did have up for sale at one point.

        I’m not actually big on perfection, but there is “ready for prime time” and not. These pieces I past are definitely not ready for prime time.

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      2. I knew when I used the term perfection, it was the wrong word choice. Call it creative license, or not thinking of the best word. Regardless, I simply meant, I understand wanting a project to look/sound like one thing but to still have someone else appreciate it for what it is, in that state of not being finished to the creator.

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