Not grey, gray — heather

I have a few pet peeves. I’ve already described how I find people trying to increase eyeballs on their blog will report old (or even recent) posts to play the “bump” game, and I can generally put up with mild variants of that (once a day, tops, please) , but not when it happens 5-10 times a day. But, that’s covering old territory and I don’t want to rant about that.

Nor do I want to rant again about people asking me for links. It hasn’t happened in a while and I think everyone agrees it feels better if links are unsolicited. I know I appreciate it, though I don’t recommend sending links my direction unless you are okay with lessening your own “brand”. Besides, tracking clicks-throughs has shown me that it really doesn’t amount to much. Begging for them might get you a few click-throughs here, hardly worth your effort.

No, the pet peeve I find annoying today is when you post on a forum or one of those megasites (occasionally, homegrown blogs as well, but people are generally nicer in small venues) and you get one of those “gotcha” responses to something you posted. Especially when the “gotcha” either doesn’t really “get” me, is meant to flame me, is just being plain pedantic, or an exercise in which floccinaucinihilipilification seems applicable. Or void of logic.

It’s no secret that I get out my LARPing as a curmudgeon out of my system by posting trite little comments on at least one newspaper webpage. Nothing insulting for the most part. Just old-man dithering about current events or offering up a clarification I feel needs to be said. Occasionally something constructive. Rarely anything worthy of a response.

An opinion piece today was discussing how a certain group of folks raiding a certain important building just over a week ago has revealed that they aren’t who they claim to be, but are more interested in their white supremacist agendas. I agreed and pointed out that I felt that not only did these folks seem to be more focused on white grievance, but I thought their anti-feminist values were a close second in describing their agenda.

Most of the responses (and I got far more than I’m used to), have been supportive of my statement. A few, not so supportive. Neither approach gets to me, honestly. But I got annoyed with someone who obvious agreed with the sentiments, but then said my comment was redundant. I’m scratching my head on that one because, while it is not uncommon for white supremacists to look down on women as subservient, it is hardly a given. Expecting women to give up their rights, stay at home, cook, screw and raise children (and only those things) may be common in that cluster of humanity, but I don’t know that you can say they are equivalent, or that one follows the other, or that some of those people present who were not white and yet appeared to have the attitude that women are somehow less than men are WS; and, therefore, my statement was rendered redundant. Besides, what was added by making this silly little argument.

It annoys me in the same was as when I say to my eldest that it is 5.30 and she corrects me and says, “No, dad, it is 5.28”. For crying out loud, daughter of mine, 2 minutes does not render my comment incorrect. “Close enough for government work,” is one of the mantras I grew up with.

So my pet peeve this glorious Friday afternoon is this: I dislike people making illogical or nitpicky comments, especially when those comments add nothing to the conversation. If I’m wrong, please point it out — but not because I chose to spell a word grey when, in America, it is typically spelled gray. Definitely don’t tell me that it is actually “heather”.

5 thoughts on “Not grey, gray — heather

  1. Oh goodness, you’d hate talking to me then… I have always been very very careful in conversation with the precise words that come out. It drives others crazy but at least we are all on the same page with meaning, correct? (Though, as a side note, I also spell it grey, but I don’t fault anyone else for saying gray OR heather!! lol because we are saying the same thing in that instance.)

    There’s definitely a balance to be found with approximations (5:28 v 5:30) and absolutes (sun v moon). I don’t know. … now you’ve got me thinking about stuff…

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