10 thoughts on “seer/

  1. secret cove, heart’s home
    the key to unlock bore tide ride
    a small niche above the mantle
    door quickly opens
    bids the touch within, lights the path
    beckons, pulls you in deeper
    hidden recesses made known
    echo chamber repeats throaty cries
    dreams within dreams

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          • I’ll have my secretary call your secretary and we’ll talk about it over sushi. 😉

            I’ve not gotten a handle on digital collaboration (I’m used to exchanging paper, sometimes folded to cover some element or another — GOD I’M FRACKING OLD! — so let me know hows, whats, whens, and we’ll set something up when I’m not suffering from so much stupidity associated with sleep deprivation. Or, I’ll get some sleep (oh, the humor!) and terrorize you with my poorly imaged schemes.

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            • Sure! I’ll email you details… maybe tomorrow… errr, later today after I have slept and woken back up (it’s almost 5am here… I really ought to be asleep… 🙄)

              I’m more of a folded paper person myself, so I totally get it. I miss the mail. And actually knowing real phone numbers rather than it being in the “smartphone”… and just, you know, real conversation. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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            • WHAAAAT! Snailmail? Actually, I miss sending off essentially booklets to my poor penpals growing up. It was not unusual for me to write “letters” that spanned 10 pages or more. I’m accused of putting too much detail into work emails (“blah blah blah, gimme the TLDR; version, Michael”). I am realizing that I’m quickly becoming anachronistic in the digital age, which is funny as I was one of the earliest adopters.

              Or maybe I just need more coffee.

              Sounds good, I look forward to it. Sweet dreams.

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