Goals for 2021

In no particular order:

  • Forget something new every day. I know, people encourage you to learn something new each day, but I can tell you based on experience that it is a sucker’s game. Unlearn your biases based on faulty and incomplete knowledge — focus most on those things that are all about the dichotomy (e.g. there is not long and no short — there is longshort).
  • Read and reread the Hsin Hsin Ming/Xinxingming/Faith in Mind/etc. It begins:

The Great Way is not difficult
for those who do not pick and choose.

When preferences are cast aside
the Way stands clear and undisguised.

But even slight distinctions made
set earth and heaven far apart.

Rochester Zen Center translation
  • Either go back to practicing Eight Pieces of Brocade on a daily basis, or pick up yoga to increase qi and flexibility. Probably yoga AND Eight Pieces. EPoB in the morning, yoga at night (to wind down) — unless I get into yoga so much I decide to do Power Yoga for cardio — in which case, reverse.
  • Stop fixating quite so much on passion/desire. Pretty self-explanatory, but I agonize about that a bit too much as I write, probably more than it shows and likely because my writing is inadequate and poor. And, it is less about the person-to-person passion than the generalized passion, which, being the poor writer I am, is entirely not being communicated in this sentence. Regardless, it’s not getting me anywhere in life to remain fixated on the more earthy stuff to convey the cerebral stuff, so I might as well try other methods of trying to evoke what I am getting at. Not that I’ll succeed.
  • Try to get the chronic pain under control by playing the game a bit more with medical professionals. I think they are possibly on the wrong track still, but I am impressed with the near-instant change in how I in faring after a medication change last week. The pain is still there, but some of the contributing elements might just actually be getting under control. I know the basic theory of the medication, but am surprised that it isn’t just a sugar-pill panacea. Too early to tell if it will have true lasting impact, but initial changes are positive. I think it’ll need to be supported by the EPoB/yoga to complete the picture and lead to a meaningful improvement in my daily torture rack. Maybe the new meds will finally make it so I can lose the extra baggage, either by providing pain relief so I can get more active, or just through the general hormonal improvements in feeling satiated.
  • Because I’m a yoga n00b, I’m not sure how much I can incorporate meditation into a yoga routine, but I want to get back into practicing that as well. Unlike most people who practice meditation, I am less into the “just-sitting” mindset than most and find huge value in “moving meditation”, whether it is at physical labor, practicing taichi forms, or joining in when things settle down with my daughter’s aikido weapons training with the jo. Regardless, I should probably add a sitting component at least a few times a week.

Wow, how incredibly self-positive for a list. I don’t know, maybe I should add dashing myself on the sharp rocks for unrequited lust/love/passion/desire just to round things out just a bit.

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