“Hello? Hello? Is there anyone out there? Or is it ‘in there’? I forget.”

The internet answers with silence.

He kicks a stay aluminum can into the only depths in front of him and it makes enough noise to hurt his ears. The echo that follows send as if it might go on forever.

“You know… I don’t know if you’re listening, but if you are… Well, I kinda miss seeing all the content the folks I followed produced before the holidays. Seems like everyone might have blown a fuse and it makes me feel really rotten if I missed that part where we collectively blew a fuse and… Well… I miss getting all your thoughts. So… Unless this is one of those falling green ASCII character Matrix thingies… Could you, umm…. Come back?”

“Umm, thanks for listening. Unless you’re not there, in which case, well… Well worry about that later, okay? Miss you.”

“Okay. Bye?”

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