when i said
i wanted a big cat
i didn't expect
to cradle like a baby
your twenty pounds
or more
every morning

© Michael Raven

I wanted a Maine Coon as soon as I heard how big they can get and I was totally okay with a 20+ lb cat. I Just didn’t expect that Wraith would want to be cuddled for 20 minutes each morning (every morning and only morning) in my arms like a baby so I could scratch his chest. He’d started to eclipse the 20 lbs (I’m fairly certain) and he at least lets me sit nowadays (he didn’t like me sitting while holding him before). Great biceps, hard to work for these intervals. If he’s anything like his grandsire, he might reach close to 28 lbs when he’s done. He still has about 2 years left of potential growth ahead of him.

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