Prolific & Reincarnation

I’ve been insanely prolific of late and, for those of you annoyed by such things, I apologize. But I’m in a creative space and afraid I’ll lose these fragments and thoughts, break the spell and disappoint the leannán sídhe I’m trying to snare (if you squint your eyes after turning trice widdershins, you’ll see her too) if I don’t get them out. So I write, I write, I write…

I’ve got a few things rattling around in the otherwise empty apartment above my neck and, along with some of the Matters of Britain, I’ve got some more contemporary rattlings going on again. Or, at least, they’ve started back up (it’s not the first time the following has come to mind).

I stubbornly stuck on some lyrics. I have yet to make anything I like based on the premise in my head, but they started repeating in that cavity. And I’m not exactly the biggest fan of Dylan even (though, I admit, it is Siouxsie that turned me onto this song):

If your mem’ry serves you well,
I was goin’ to confiscate your lace,
And wrap it up in a sailor’s knot
And hide it in your case.
If I knew for sure that it was yours…
But it was, oh, so hard to tell.
But you knew that we would meet again,
If your mem’ry serves you well.

Bob Dylan, This Wheel’s on Fire

And I’m stuck on this idea: that two bound souls keep encountering each other through the ages. Not necessarily a lover’s knot, but perhaps. Not necessarily an antagonism, but perhaps. One can recall most things, the other hardly anything at all, and it is never the same each incarnation. Maybe I’m just hopeful (whoops, my insanity is showing, better tuck that back in) and it is all some kind of real-life matrix soul thingy, or maybe it’s just a story. But it seems vitally important to explore this sometime, I just can’t make sense of it enough to make it work. The times I’ve tried have been abject failures. But — this time…. maybe…

I’m sure the sídhe will tell me when I catch her.

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