Tattoo evolution

Still working out designs… Current thought combination:

  • Nagel-style cutout (80s art-deco artist most famous for the Duran Duran album cover for Rio) of my favorite picture of Death from Sandman (see below for my un-artistic rough).
  • A raven perched towards where Death’s right shoulder would be; symbolizing Matthew, for those of you familiar. (our relative left side of picture, pose similar to the raven below), maybe something more like the graphic novel series than photoreal.
  • Perhaps some celtic knotwork.
  • The Bard’s words in broken typewriter font:
    • “To sleep: perchance to dream”
    • Alternately: “In that sleep of death what dreams may come”

Keep in mind, I am NOT an artist, but I am trying to get some symbolism down before I go in for my consult.

As I said before, I want a raven for sure (to add to the others) and likely some knot-work. I’m trying to imagine all of the pieces put together.

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