I’m not 100% certain it is a good idea to foist what is likely to be an episode of Hel meeting Hades and them two not getting along at all, but I’m putting myself out there as interested in doing some kind of small-scale collaboration. I know it is usually the other way around, where I approach the person I’d like to work with, but where’s the fun in that?

Media/Art + writing? Two or more folks writing a loose- or free-structured poem? Something on the order of an epistolary short bit of fiction? Standard two POV short fiction? Graphic “novel” with a page or three of panels? I dunno, whatever floats your boat.

I’m not interested in anything more time consuming than a few nights worth of effort, so novels and the like are straight out. Scripts might require style help, but I would mind a One-Act or shorter if that turns the crank — I did a few scripts back when I was in high school and only one was remotely decent.

The point is, I haven’t done any collaboration outside music writing in the past 30 years or so, so you might have to hold my hand as I figure out how it is done these days (no passing folded bits of paper to hide previous lines of poems, I’m guessing).

I’m afraid I’ll get crickets on this post — but, well, it is what it is if that’s what happens.

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