Pay no attention to the man behind…

I was bored earlier, horsing around, and was surprised to see that I only cracked the camera lens a wee bit when I took a selfie of the troll-like being who types all this blither blather on the site. They must be making cameras out of tougher material than they have to this point.

Anyway, I ended up with something that, after a bit of photo-manipulation and tweaking and covering up the most horrifying elements actually turned out decent enough so that I would be willing to post here. Don’t be surprised if I abruptly delete it without warning (this post and the viewable image from the profile page), as I am not confident that this is the best idea I’ve ever had. But… wince… here you go:

Keep in mind that what you see has been significantly altered so as to not trigger arrest warrants. Like the world’s deadliest joke, only a fraction is available for viewing or you may end up mimicking that Munch painting and, like your mother warned, there is a good chance your face might freeze like that.

And, in before anyone says anything — I am smiling.

People don’t believe me. I’m a veritable frog when I frown. 😦

Let’s see how long this lasts before I have second thoughts…

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