Raven Tattoo

It looks like I might have enough cash on hand to add to my tattoo collection sometime after the holidays. I wish I was able to draw cool designs so I didn’t have to seek out elements on the web to present to the artist so they could design something around my concepts. But my 7 year old kids laugh at my stick people, so that tells you how far my drawing abilities extend.

I have a rough concepts in my head:

  • Arm location.
  • Integrates with my celtic hound armband is some way (if celtic-looking, if possible)
  • Celtic raven(s), possibly with a Huninn and Muninn theme, but celtic knotwork integrates in bodies
    • I’m cautious about the use of “Nordic” and “Viking” symbols and messages, as they are largely not guaranteed authentic representations of anything. I don’t mind runes, but I’m less enthused about other symbols.
    • I’m not opposed to a reference of Odin, but if one is added, I would show him as the hanged man, most likely; as Grimnr of the Gallows. Not the tough old one-eye guy.
  • Alternately, photorealistic raven(s).
  • Trash polka designs are on my agenda, but not my focus. I’ll probably go more tribal.
  • Emphasis would be on the ravens than any other element.
  • I think I’d go mostly blackwork after getting color on the last tattoo. Color okay for accent.

I’d welcome design ideas if you happen to have any examples at your disposal. Or, if you are not art-challenged like I am, and want to share some of your handiwork — tell me how I can showcase your ideas here. Pinterest and Google are driving me bonkers because I keep seeing the same basic pictures over and over. I’d rather find something more unique to me.

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