Awaiting Eternity

I discovered Kristy Thirsk in a roundabout way. When I was working a Borders in the music department for extra cash when I wasn’t playing barista or cutting hair (because, music, duh), a promoter came in for one of his weekly visits and, knowing I was always game for new sounds — especially those that included ethereal female vocalist — he handed me a CD.

“Dude. You’ve got to listen to this shit.”

I checked out the case and liner notes. Some mystic-looking esoteric art full of magical imagery covered most available surfaces. It looked like most trance-trip stuff coming out.

“What about it?”

“It is fucking awesome.”

Okay, two swears in two sentences. Unusual for the guy, but I went with it.

“Delerium? Why should I go apeshit like you?”

“You like Sarah MacLachlan, yeah?” I nodded. I loved her voice, though her songs were starting to wear on me by that point. “Well she’s a guest singer on a track and it is so freaking awesome, you’ve got to sell it for me.”

I popped it into the CD player at the store and skipped to the track he mentioned. It was damned awesome. A bit derivative, and I said so, but Sarah’s singing brought it together better than most songs of trying to copy Enigma that were out there.

I played it a few times, snagged a promo copy he gave me for being a good sport and pretty much had it on repeat for a few weeks.

While I liked “Silence”, I was intrigued with the other guest singers on the album. One of them was Kristy Thirsk and, when I looked into her, found out she was the lead singer on a band named “Rose Chronicles”.

While I liked Delerium (quite a bit, mind you, to the point that I did a short-run, self-published CD of my own trying to emulate the sound), I really liked Rose Chronicles.

While not apparent on this song (or the associated album), their swansong album prior to breaking up had Kristy Thirsk’s voice fluctuating from angelic to anguish-filled demon on “Happily Ever After”. And her lyrics were always gut-wretching (see below) and I fell in love.

Sound: Shoegazer guitar-based along the line of Cocteau Twins and similar bands.

Her breath was all given
And torn by a living heartache
Who’s choking despair
Wrenched with claws she could not bear
Awaiting eternity

Her death withdrew sunshine
Now drops of the separation
Find sharp, jagged mountains
To echo her cries

Soul bound in my body
My eyes are broken windows
Go inside of me
Awaiting eternity

Kristy Thirsk (Rose Chronicles), Awaiting Eternity


Borders sold a butt-ton of the Delerium albums at that location.

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