AMA/Let’s Play Redux

[Update] Well, this was fun for me when the mouse was playing my silly game, but that doesn’t look to be hooking any other fish this afternoon or evening. The people have spoken, and I will not attempt such sordid types of posts in the future. Feel free to continue the conversation below if you came late to the party, but I’ll probably go off an get myself all hot and bothered getting back to reading Delta of Venus (or listening to Kristy Thirsk, or watching some depressing film like Dangerous Liaisons, or looking at racy-but tame pictures in weird internet places like Pinterest), so it might be a while before I respond.

Okay… Last night’s attempt was spectacularly uneventful as a “live” event. In other words — “Epic Fail”.

But, seeing as I haven’t anything planned for much of the afternoon and evening today, I thought I’d just be stupid and try again as an all-day affair. I’ll keep it up until I hit the pillows, time permitting. I’m not going to promise to respond immediately, as I do have things like cooking meals to attend to, but I will interact in the comments below as I am able.

Keep in mind: this isn’t just about me. It’s your opportunity to share stuff you might not normally blog about here, away from your typical readers.

There is a risk if you participate. If you ask me a question, or dare me to do something, or wanna play a verbal variant of “Truth and Lies”/”Never have I ever…” (where you guess if a statement is true/false), then you have to be a good sport and let me turn the tables on you and make you do the same. Beware: I have little shame and the only thing I’ll promise to hide is personally identifiable deets to protect my privacy. I occasionally am good at asking difficult questions in return. We’ll see how I fare if anyone plays.


  • Share one secret or factoid about yourself that I might not otherwise find out about you on my own. If you do, you get a useless point and I do not.
  • Ask me a specific question, no matter how embarrassing it might be. If I refuse to answer, you get a useless point in your column and don’t have to respond in kind. If I answer, I get a point and I get to ask you a question of my choosing. If you don’t answer, I get a useless point and you lose a point.
  • You can ask me to tell three things, only one of them is the truth. You get two guesses as to which is the truth. If you guess right the first time, you get two useless points, the second guess is worth one useless point. You guess right on the third attempt and you lose a useless point.
  • You can dare me to do something, but it has to be reasonable. If I do it, I get two useless points. If not, you get two useless points.

Person with the most useless points “wins”.

If this fails (as I expect it will), it will be the swan song of this type of activity here. If not… well, let’s not be overoptimistic, okay?

the mouse3
Score updated as time permits (not live)

24 thoughts on “AMA/Let’s Play Redux

    • Umm…

      1) I wanted to be an FBI agent when I grew up, like my Uncle, but was afraid of what my already existent file would say if I applied after some poor decisions about who I associated with as a teen, including one of the ringleaders of a group calling themselves the “Minnesota Anarchist Bowling League”.

      2) For a very short time, I was the proud owner of a blueberry farm that I had every intent of turning into a hippie commune, but I was informed that I’d been scammed and that the deed I held was complete rubbish. I lost my money and my commune.

      3) The reason that I go by a pseudonym/pen name is because I am embarrassed by my relationship with another, more famous person who also had roots in the Carpathian Mountains of what is currently considered the Slovak Republic. His name is Andy Warhol.


    • You are correct, sir.

      1) Actually, it was the guitarist in my goth band after it dissolved that was responsible for stabbing a military-dressed mannequin with an American flag on a pole, both of which that had, until moments before, been on display at the army recruitment office window. The window was destroyed by someone throwing a bowling ball through it. Those responsible called themselves by that name, but in the manner of anarchists everywhere, my guitarist was labeled a ringleader. So was everyone else there that day. As well as a few people who had nothing to do with the event. My great uncle was a G-man during prohibition (before it was the FBI) and I was absolutely certain I wanted to follow in his footsteps. I was interviewed by the FBI to get security clearance to clean their offices three years after the bowling incident and they brought up my anarchist “associates”. I saw my file. It was too big to be for just that event. Dream -> out the window.

      2) This one is a partial truth, with enough fibs to make it fiction. I had considered buying an abandoned blueberry farm when I was 22 with those intentions, but was under undue pressure from some folks that wanted me to do so so they could “borrow” the land without actually fronting any money. I had no money, although I might have been able to find a $20,000 loan for something like 20 acres. Then, it went off the market.

      3) Another partial truth. Not the reasons for adopting a pen name (which are to put in a layer of anonymity so I avoid weirdos and work finding out about my writing), which is complete fiction. Nor am I embarrassed if I am indeed related to Warhol. But, my father (the genealogist of the family) did point out that Warhol was from the same region as our Slovak branch of the family and that Warhol and numerous variations of the surname are part of the records he’s collected for the family tree. If so, we’re like 2nd or 3rd cousins on my father’s side, so not closely related. I was more bummed to find out that I don’t have any Rom (traveler/gypsy) DNA in my family history, although their presence is about as prevalent as the Rusin/Lemko population in the region. No mixing there :-(.

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  1. Fascinating and unfortunate. One would assume much was added following the incident. So you had a tail for years. Quite the violation.
    There in lies the pros and cons of the passion and intensity of America (no offence)

    The second was going to be my second choice.
    The specifics didn’t read true.
    Plenty of money in blueberries. They grow wild here and they still cost a fortune. Farmer Raven has a nice ring to it. I could see you in the field scaring of the crows.

    That blood is okay outside of Europe. Not looked to kindly on here.
    So that’s your six degrees of Warhol, that could lead to your 15 minutes.
    Question is, if you make something out of this would you start using your real name?

    Okay after midnight here. I’m out. Enjoy the rest of your game. I’ll check in tomorrow 👍

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    • I don’t know there was a violation of my rights at the time (considering the laws active). My great uncle was privy to some top secret information after prohibition as part of his job before he quit. They probably kept tabs to make sure he didn’t reveal anything. And, part of that, his family members might have been subject to surveillance. Then, add to it that I *was* a bit of a rabble-rousing youth — hanging out with people who were affiliated with things like anarchists, socialism and communism during the Cold War, and I was at a number of protests during that time. I think I may have set off flags also by checking out “Fuck the System”, “The Anarchist Cookbook” and works by Abbie Hoffman from the public library. I was at quite a few rallies over those years and got more than my fair share of 15 minutes of fame (just not all at once). I associated with pagans and the GBL (gay-bi-lesbian student group), which was still considered very deviant to do in the 80s (hard to imagine in this day and age, but I was basically considered a Satanist queer-loving hippy commie). None of it all that exciting, but I probably sent up signals left and right that I was a potential revolutionary or something.

      There was a lot of land-grabs, not all that kosher, in the early 90s. Especially with abandoned blueberry farms just hours from a major metro area. I was stupid and probably would have been sold junk deeds.

      I think my desire to be affiliated with the Rom was an artifact of being fairly confident I wasn’t part of the local target for blame, the Native Americans (DNA laughed at me there too, although it wasn’t unexpected). Knowing part of my family was from a largely unpopular ethnic group (Rusins), and knowing that there was a high chance of some Rom intermingling, I figured it was better to be total black sheep instead of partial black sheep. As I mentioned, I’ve had enough of fame. I had it as a kid on small newspaper frontpage for being a boy in a girlscout camp, then the protests, as a minor musician and as the guy who ran a poetry night and wore kilts while echoing “Highlander” quotes on local television while insulting Courtney Love (in Seattle, no less). Fame is kinda boring, IMHO, and fleeting. My surname is not the same as Warhol’s, or even close. We just shared some relatives, if that’s even true.

      I decided some time ago that I’d probably continue to use Michael Raven if, for some silly reason, someone wanted to make me famous. Maybe Michael or Mick Logan. I’m okay just fading into obscurity — I don’t think what I do or write has any meaningful impact on anyone aside from family and they don’t care what I write… so zero impact. I write because I have to — not because I’m particularly good at it. But when I don’t, the blue meanies take over even worse and it’s not pretty.

      Hope you slept well. Cheers.

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      • Somehow I missed this message. Surprising considering its size 😂

        Laws are often made and bent to suit power. As we all know.
        So your file was a life long surveillance. Nice. Shame you don’t get a copy, it would be great for the grandkids.
        I heard about that. But I thought it was a myth about the public library system to scare people away from books 😏 keep em stupid and easy to rule.
        GBL must have been some real trend setters back in the day.
        Nice to hear people fighting the good fight for rights.
        You need a business card with that title SQLHC 😂
        I’ve heard about the old ghost towns you can buy as well. Awesome idea, but I doubt a fruitful venture.
        Once you go black 😉
        You life seems like a campaign for dare to be different. Some interesting anecdotes in there.
        I wonder if the war hols were all that promiscuous 🤔
        The pen name is something many tackle. Each time I publish elsewhere I consider using my real name. I think by the end of next year I will be. I don’t care anymore.
        It was mostly to keep my family and friends from finding out. Now, I realise they wouldnt be interested either way 😂

        I slept poorly. Kids have me down to a handful of hours a night. Can’t expect anything else from 2 year olds.

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        • I could probably request a copy of the file under the freedom of information act. I’m sure it would be a boring read.

          It didn’t work at my local public library — they would give me copies of Playboy they had in the stacks when I was 15 so I could write papers on the censorship of rock music. They called my parents to get permission and it was easily given. Then they helped me find the articles before leaving me alone to peruse as I saw fit.

          It was accidental, my involvement with GBL. I was hanging out with the University Pagan Student Group and those in power wanted to keep all the deviants together, so they assigned us the same working desk as the GBL student group. Made some good friends and performed a wiccan handfasting for a lovely pair of gay men in tandem with a straight couple to prove that pagans weren’t baby-sacrificing, blood-drinking satanists. The ceremony was only for demonstrative purposes and not at all an official religious act. Decided, after years of being terrorized by people whose sexuality I threatened by wearing all manner of clothes (including womens’) to support my goth/new romantic interests — that the GBL and I had a common cause and helped them out as their “token straight guy” setting up informational sessions and fighting for local GBL rights. It was fun, but I was a bit of an outsider all the same.

          SQLHC? I’ll admit, you’ve stumped me. Remember — I’m an old guy.

          My life was just doing what I wanted to do — I can’t help it if people are intolerant. I’m nothing all that interesting. Had some crazy times, but it was mostly because I just didn’t care what people think.

          Warhols — There are several variants of the name. I could just as easily not be related at all or so distantly that it’s laughable. But, neighboring village… and multiple re-occurrences within 2-3 generations, I can see why my dad brought it up.

          Two year olds will wear you the fuck out if you have twins. I know.

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          • Still fun to have a copy. I would definitely be interested.

            Playboy at the library? Only in America 😂🇺🇸

            Smart idea, like puting petty criminals in with the hardened. Worked out well in prisons.
            Always the outsider. The pattern continues. *coughs* unabomber.
            Straight queer lesbian something something I think, it was your message a just acronised it 😁
            Doing what you want has repercussions 😉
            Sure, those east Europeans know how to party and bed hopping happens.
            Another thing we share. My twins turned 3 today. They are wired and refusing to go down easily.

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