Play with me [No longer live]

Friday. Nothing on the agenda.

At the risk that all of you have far more entertaining things to do in a Friday night and I’ll end up playing with myself… Erm… Anyway.

Anyone up for a game of AMA? Truth or dare? Never have I ever?

I’ll wait like a teenager waiting for a phone call from his crush (that’ll probably never call because… Loser!) on this post and do something along those lines with anyone silly enough to comment below.

Let’s start, say, at 8pm Central, or about 90 minutes from this post. Feel free to start early and make me feel loved.

Very little is off limits.

If nothing happens within 15 minutes, I’ll just delete this thread and probably be too ashamed to post anything ever again. Or for at least a few hours…

5 thoughts on “Play with me [No longer live]

  1. Based on the visibility of this post prior to going live (four views), I’m not expecting much. I probably waited too late in the day to try something of this nature.

    I suddenly had the urge to read “Delta of Venus” by Anaïs Nin. It’s been years and, well, I’m in the mood for some literary smut. I’ll read her stories and pop in if any comments show up and play along if anyone dares to.

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  2. And so, with tears in his eyes, he cleaned up and turned out the lights…

    “Better luck next time, kid.” said a man off to the side in a Bogart voice. And then the post faded to black with the song about Brasil rising crescendo filled the void.

    Roll credits.

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