Again, in one of my deep dinkum-thinkums while tossing and turning in bed…

I’d like to gauge the interest in regulars in participating in password-protected posts/pages for the purposes of a free-for-all discussion about more sensitive matters ranging from death to politics to sex to religion to whatever.

My idea is that, given the extra layer of protection from surfing scrutiny, people might be interested in tapping into discussion topics amongst a small group of “safe” people. I’d certainly be interested in what some folks had to say if for no other reason than it gives me an opportunity to get to know some of you better. Of course, it only works if it is more than a few people, and I haven’t worked out all of details yet — but I imagine having a post or page on a given topic that each time requires a PW and and invite after you’ve expressed interest in the topic identified. I toss out a hook and a lead, and participants take it from there. If you behave, you can stay. If you misbehave, I cut you out (misbehave defined as doing anything really creepy or überrude, my call). Almost anything that isn’t misbehaving, is kosher.

It’s probably a terrible idea that won’t work. Or there is no interest. But it seemed like an interesting idea in spite of that, so I’mma gonna float it past you all the same.

Comment below if interested, even slightly. Or if you hate the idea.

3 thoughts on “Curiosity

    • Much as I suspect in this case as well — but I needed to verify my suspicion. It was one of those “sounds great at 3.24am” things, but is, on a practical level, probably unworkable.

      I think you and I have built up trust (at least, I trust you somewhat), but something like this requires a general level of trust that at least the moderator is going to keep things from going gonzo.

      I’m not sure that I’ve earned that trust.

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      • If I remember correctly the host had about 200 followers at the time and there were 5 of us in the private chat.
        I agree. I doubt I will ever have the sense to moderate such an event, I’m an antagonist by nature.
        Either way, if I’m around I’ll join in 👍

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