Yay! New drugs I don’t want!

Honestly? I’m tired of fighting the system, so I’m going to play along and take my pink and yellow little pills like a good little boy.

So if I become more loopy than usual (high bar, I know), I apologize in advance. Nothing to worry about; my medical team it just trying to kill me.

But, apparently, my body has initiated the insurgency it has been planning and thinks that friendly fire is the way to win the war. Three cheers for diseases where the body attacks itself! Betcha even Chuck Norris can’t top that! May the best paradigm win!

I didn’t listen to my foot when it yelled at me at the beginning of a walk to try and get healthy — I thought it was cramps from the 4-mile walk I did yesterday and had the whole “walk it off” and “rub some dirt in it” approach.

That — apparently — was a mistake. Shortly after getting home, I kicked off my shoes and went to change into my covid comfy clothes (alliteration is fun, ain’t it?) when I heard panicked noises coming form the other room. Someone found a cat footprint in blood and everyone was certain that one of six cats was injured, or that Rogue had managed to chew threw his bandage and go to town on his still-healing tail.

Nope. It was just me, we discovered when I looked the formerly protesting foot and saw it covered in blood. I’d trailed a bunch all over the house. Not sure what it was (broken blood blister from yesterday? awkward nail scrape with blunt toenails lacking an edge?). Apparently (seems to be the word of the day), I should have listened to the pain in my foot. So much for walking being a nearly injury-free sport. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Parenthetically speaking apparently seems to be the way I plan to write today (it’s my sense of self criticism that drives it I think, as if I’m arguing with myself) (or explaining to myself what my self should already understand).

You know? I think I’ll head back into Cyberpunk 2077 today. I’ve put in a decent chunk of hours, enough to say that I generally like it, but liked Witcher 3 better. And it is certainly as buggy as the reviewers say, but less buggy than Skyrim when it first came out. Scratch that. It’s less buggy than Skyrim even after all of the official patches for Skyrim are “complete”. Still — I like the protagonist’s voice actor (female), the story is compelling so far and there is certainly plenty to do in-game. My eldest is pissed that I won’t let her watch me play, but after previewing it and one of the missions I had to do was save a prostitute from some gangers making snuff VR with sexual violence involved, she doesn’t need to see that kind of thing. I’m pretty liberal about games and my kids — violence doesn’t bug me if they see it as long as it isn’t too graphic (cartoon gunplay like you see in borderlands, for instance). Nor does swearing (I’ll go into my attitudes about swearing sometime), although they are under strict orders never to repeat “swears” until they are older and know when and where it is appropriate. The sexual stuff though, especially sexual violence, is usually kept away from the kids and Cyberpunk is not for the meek. It doesn’t feel gratuitous, it feels entirely appropriate given the seedy nature of Night City. Hell, it might even be light compared to some of the things that go on these days.

V’s dystopia was faring better than mine today, although I don’t usually have people shooting at me or floating cigarettes or flying tablets.

But I’m suspecting that might just happen, I just have to give it time.

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