Nornalagið (Witchsong)

I’m guessing at the translation for the song title; Google returned the original word. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I really wish I had a better grasp of Icelandic. If I were to try and fail to learn another language, it would probably be Icelandic, Norwegian, Japanese or Mandarin. Icelandic would probably fit better with the weather in Minnesota, but Norwegian would be more practical here. Okay… that time has probably passed here and it would be smarter to learn Somali or (relearn) Spanish, but those don’t interest me as much as the other languages. None of them are very practical for my current lifestyle, it would just satisfy a curiosity more than anything.

These folks, Kælan Mikla, remind me so very much of a cross between Xmal Deutschland and Clan of Xymox. Ran into them a few months ago listening to, of all places, NPR radio, which sometimes has some music I didn’t expect to hear promoted. They tend to stick with “safer” music.

If you know of similar bands or music, please let me know. I’m largely tired of what I’ve been able to find that comes in English, but am willing to give a listen or thirty to recommendations, regardless of the language it is sung in.

From the album, Nótt eftir nótt.

Translation may be questionable, as it is Google, but I like the look and feel of the verse in English — so I’m going with it being fairly accurate.

Myrkur, hlaupa út í nóttina
Nornir leika sér við skuggana
Brosa, þær baða sig í blóðregni
Svífa, bara klæddar tunglskini
Sjáðu, á fullu tungli dansa þær við dauðann
Brenna börnin sem að eiga hvergi heima
Mig dreymir, mig dreymir, mig dreymir
að á endanum hugur minn heiminum gleymi

Original lyrics, Nornalagið

Darkness, run out into the night
Witches play with the shadows
Smile, they bathe in blood rain
Soar, just wearing moonlight
Behold, in the full moon they dance with death
Burn the children who have nowhere to go at home
I dream, I dream, I dream
that in the end my mind forgets the world

Google-translated lyrics, Nornalagið

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