Cyberpunk 2077 initial impressions

I’ve played about three hours of the game. It’s pretty much what I expected.

I’ve got my half-hawk black and cherry red. Same with lips. Chose long, black, chipped-polish nails, larger boobs and a nose piercing. Didn’t care for the tats. Pale latino look and street-rat backstory. For the record, I went with a bush instead of a landing strip or shaved (yes, all are options). I decided my “V” (character’s name) was more of a natural type of woman who decided men (or women) could love it or lump it when it came to histute nether-regions. No biker leather… yet. I don’t really get all of the hoopla about designing your body; the options were limited. You get lots of chances to see yourself naked, but anyone who’s seen more than one naked body in their lives isn’t going to find JOI material. It’s pretty much a good looking naked toon, not a movie Playboy spread (though that won’t stop the teenage modders from making porn with it, I’m guessing).

I’m playing her as a chic who don’t take shit. From nobody. But she won’t instigate anything unless there she’s getting paid to do so.

I only saw one unintended graphical glitch while I played and it quickly resolved itself. Gamepad controllers are non-standard for shooters, so I’m still getting the hang of them.

Voice acting is superb so far and the story is compelling already, although I wondered about the part I met with my future partner, Jackie. That seemed a bit deus ex machina, if you ask me. I was given no real reason for why he was there, but I can surmise the intent. That was about the weakest part so far.

My rig is considered “old” at two years of age, and can’t run all the shinies, though I’m tempted to bump down the resolution and up the graphics and maybe do a wee bit of overclocking to get things prettier. Still, the game looks good even at less than optimal settings and runs 60FPS (at 1440p) from what I can tell (no screen-tearing or jittery motion).

The only reason I had to quit is that I’ve been not sleeping well with Rogue being kept separate from the other cats so they don’t undo his bandage. His 17 lb self needs to walk on me at least once a night. As a result, there is so much going on in the game, and so many new systems, that I’m a bit overwhelmed as tired as I am. When that happens, it’s best to give it a rest until the next day.

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