I’ve been having a craptastic experience with Chrome on Windows lately (since late last week). I checked all of the normal culprits (router issues? reboot need? wipe wifi settings and reboot? reboot router? disable extensions? etc.), but found no relief from achingly slow apparent connections. WordPress was really giving me shit.

Then today, I started getting “changed” or “lost” connection issues.

I did a speed test. Which, when it worked, was 180+ Mbps. No issues on my work computer, only my personal one. I don’t use browsers much with work, but I do a lot of VPN work and it is a temperamental thing that has a fit if it loses any packets.

Something smelled funny.

I ran a malware and virus check. Nada.

I tried the WP Windows app (cannot recommend, it does not scale very well with HD monitors for whatever reason; fixed frame size and fonts, no zoom). Zippy, just like the old days with Chrome.

OK… This is fucking weird, I told myself.

So I tried out Firefox for the first time in years. BAM! Internet is even faster than before and no broken connections. WTF?

Then I recalled that one webpage I visited warned me to update my Chrome browser for an ideal experience on about Thursday afternoon — about the time things became laggy.

I’m not expert, but I think the newest version of Chrome has a memory leak or something. It got worse over time, it wasn’t just suddenly worse (it was better, except for whatever makes it slower than Firefox).

So you know — if you are having issues with Chrome 87.0, I’d revert or change browsers. I might stick with Firefox, given how speedy it’s made my experience.

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