fell barrows and hallows
flicker fallow window sill
salt-speckled hide deep
clawing foul flesh to
find what hides inside
once a'larkin
now song-trapped
anam a-netted
pretty fool screaming
old scratch has his due
gloam laughing
echoes, the moon

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Holidays and Irish Music

It’s Thanksgiving, babe…

I don’t know, whenever the weather turns more chill and people start exchanging season’s greetings, my mind goes back to when I was larking about with the Irish music scene here in town and one of the more popular songs to play once the frost started sticking around after the sun comes up is the Pogues’ Fairytale of New York.

It was Christmas Eve babe
In the drunk tank
An old man said to me, won’t see another one
And then he sang a song
The Rare Old Mountain Dew
I turned my face away
And dreamed about you

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Three Poems II

Another mixed bag of older ones. I promise — no black licorice… mostly. On the other hand, there might be a few pieces of anisette-flavored chips in there. Sorry.

slipstream shift slideways
mistward… shadow-walk
hollow hills, hidden beaches
her hand in mine

rust red rose
transpose, turndown
languishing lush lips listing
side to
side to
side to
- - stut-tut-tut-ter

shadow and memory
splintered in her head and
tin soldiers tattooed marching
over a rocky ledge

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Tarot | 25Nov20


For a while, I was having this nagging sensation in the back of my head and I recently realized my subconscious brain was trying to tell me that understanding tarot cards, least in a generalized sense, for the purpose of writing a story. I have a story that has seem multiple iterations over the past twenty-plus years, none of which have ever met my satisfaction. I see these internal grumblings something to listen to because, while almost everyone I’ve ever met is surely smarter than I am on the conscious level, by subconscious is pretty savvy more often than not.

Posts with the “Tarot” flag in the title will be truncated after this paragraph so that you can quickly scroll past them in your feeds unless you are interested. I should point out that I am skeptical of tarot as a divination tool (as far as predictive divination goes), but I see them as having potentially high value as a tool for self-analysis on the archetypal/Jungian level. I have no interest in doing readings for others at this time, but I do welcome second opinions, should you wish to share them. And with that…

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it was madness
knives and tea
cards falling falling
and roses painted red

and the pig
in the mirror
it was that too

mercury and march
on the hunt
for the red queen
pounding a raven desk

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don'tforgetthegarterstrap   sigh

"What are you doing?"


"Just surfing...?"


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2020 Dumpster Fire

Regular readers know I don’t usually post frivolities (unless they are my own), but I thought linking to a place where you can email a message to be added to the dumpster fire of 2020 might be cathartic. So here you go.

Email a Dumpster Fire

I take no responsibility for any spam you might get by participating.

Better yet, just watch for a few moments like I did and let other people hand out their emails.

Three poems

don't tell me about
piano bench wars --
i only want to watch for bananafish

on trial
each day, judgement
without accusations
razor eyes averted
and myriad cuts
each deeper than the

the rain is my lover
this night --
kisses wet on my face

Here are a handful of older poems. I’ll toss up some of these recent “older” poems over the next few days. Most were written within the past two years, give or take a few months. I didn’t retain dates, which is okay, IMHO.

The first and last of the three are done in what I call the Jon Muth style of haiku. It isn’t really haiku, but attempts to capture haiku’s feel without worrying overmuch about counting syllables. In the past, I found that the 5/7/5 pattern took away from the ziran or tathātā nature of haiku and so I developed a preference for the Muth’s style as found in Hi Koo! [see below image for Muth’s own explanation].

The second poem is my normal free-form.

The end argument from Hi, Koo! by Jon J Muth

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Yay! Monstress!

I’m going to be all silly and geek out a bit, but it’s been several months since the last issue of what is my currently favorite comic/graphic novel, Monstress and now a digital copy of the new issue showed up in my account last night. I have only really liked a few graphic novels to come out since the demise of Sandman, but Monstress is one of those that is perhaps my favorite since that time (which Locke and Key a close second).

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