Tarot | 24 Nov 20

Well, got the Crow Tarot delivered today. I was only slightly disappointed in the art once I got a hands-on look, but it will do. Don’t get me wrong, it is well done, but it doesn’t jump out at me with respect to the embedded symbolism and it’ll take some time to see the patterns before I can go reference-free.

I’m not going to wax philosophical about the first basic spread I tossed a three-card “past/present/future” spread with a generalized “how is things?” question in my head and got this:

Interpretation using included book:

Past | Queen Cups, reversed:

Someone trapped by feelings, learned to suppress those feelings so as to not become too emotional. Disconnected feeling.

Present | Queen Pentacles, reversed:

Overbearing, controlling; her way or no way; manipulative; lack of harmony

Future | VI, The Lovers:

Karmic passion and soul relationships; spirits joined through time and space.


All I can say is that none of the messaging surprises me if this is the best read of it. I’ll consult other references later. If you have experience in reading Tarot, please feel free to chime in below with your own opinions.

I may throw down a spread intermittently (or frequently, who knows?) just for shits and giggles. I view Tarot as more a tool to better understand yourself than as a divination tool, although I don’t entirely discount the possibility — I haven’t seen evidence for one view or the other for Tarot, although I’ve seen enough in my life to question anyone’s certainity in anything.

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