Love Me to Death

Love me to death, my precious
Run your flower through my hair
Dance wild on my lips
Love me to death, my flower
Lay me down on your bed of petals
Cover me with your honey, my blossom

Wayne Hussey, Love Me To Death

All this talk of mine about Wayne Hussey got me to thinking about several songs with lyrics I have always loved. The above is my own transcription because those available online have a line that makes zero sense in the greater context of the song. I’ve always heard it “Run your flower through my hair”, which makes much more sense considering earlier in the song (previous iteration of the chorus) he refers to the lover as “my flower”. It becomes nonsense to use “Run bare fur through my hair” when there is no mention of fur elsewhere in the song, and what the hell would that entail anyway. I’d even accept “Run your fingers through my hair”, which makes sense as well, but it lacks the poetics and it doesn’t sound like what Wayne is singing.

I never heard the next word as “Dance”, but I’ll leave that. I always heard “And wild on my lips”. “Dance” likely makes more sense, especially if it is “your fingers” and not “flower”.

Yes, I spend too much time figuring out lyrics I love.

Aside from “Forever More”, this is probably their most explicit song without outright saying “c’mon, let’s screw, baby”.

I have to admit that part of my appreciation for the Mission was Wayne’s lyrical style in the early years. They lost me around 1995 when neither the music or the lyrics grabbed me anymore.

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