Myriad Miscellany

Maybe it will lead to something. Maybe I’m just impatient. But I get Doctor Death to admit her burning love for me and the first she asks is if I want a thorough physical examination.

It felt anticlimactic. Wooing, then a GP doctor offering up a free exam. I wanted more.

If you’re wondering what the fork I’m going on about, I’m playing Persona 5 Royal on the ol’ Playstation 4 these past few weeks and generally having a blast, though it probably shouldn’t be as fun as it is. The battles are typical Japanese RPG turn-based rock-paper-shotgun affairs based on the holy trinity of healer/tank/DPS (damage per second) dealer.

Now, the holy trinity is not segregated like some games; each character has some of each and tanks are squishy as a result, but there is no real earth-shattering gameplay mechanics involved. It is bog-standard RPG stuff with enough quirks tossed in to make it feel different.

But I love the story something fierce and, while nothing earth-shattering, the social gameplay has it’s intriguing elements as well (you are a 15-y.o student in an unfamiliar school and a social pariah at the start because of rumors). Much of the power-ups in battle come from socializing with friends and confidants and you aren’t allowed time spend time with everyone who wants to spend time with you. And, as RPGs are doing mroe an more, there are romance options in-game.

That said, from the moment I met Doctor Tae Takemi, I wanted to woo her.

Dr. Tae Takemi

Maybe it was the way she called me her little guinea pig, or the fact that her associated tarot card (for power-up purposes) is “Death”… I dunno. The remaining options were not mature enough for my version of “Joker” (he likes older women, I decided).

Anyway, it’s still just past mid-game and I aggressively pursued Doctor Death and we ended up have a heartfelt conversation about mutual affection for each other. Then, the offer for an exam, which horn-dog Joker accepted (DUH!), she cuddles up to me in a coffee shop and fade to black. Ffffffuuuuuuu…

Maybe it’ll pick up and get racier. But she hasn’t sent me any texts the past few weeks and I’m afraid she’s ghosting me. 😦

Don’t look at me that way! It’s totally just a game. Mostly. I think.

I probably should just use my imagination. *sigh*

I had a brand new panini grill delivered today, which got a heavy workout as a result. We’ve only had Geo. Foreman grills in the past, and cheap ones that die on us quickly. You might be able to fit two burgers on the ones we had, if they were small. And they always were messier than seemed necessary.

Having worked in a cafe many moons ago, I really appreciated a real panini grill, not some cheap knockoff. So we splurged and got a higher-end model that has reversible plates (flat and grill) so I could cook pancakes and eggs, or switch over to grilled sandwiches, steaks, chicken, hot dogs, etc. There are waffle plates for an extra fee, but the nice thing is that each plate has it’s own element control and the top will lay flat back (like a griddle). Tried, so far:

  • Ham and Cheese Sandwich (me, lunch)
  • Quesadillas (kiddos, lunch)
  • Bacon (as an add-on for dinner)
  • Bacon Cheeseburgers with toasted buns

Tomorrow, I’ll probably take some of the leftover ham from a few dinners ago and grill it to go with eggs (on the top plate, in griddle mode) after I make on of the kids her pancakes that she asked for.

I am quite pleased with it so far, although I need to get a better feel for how it cooks — my bacon was a bit overdone on one side, but I liked the minimal cleanup and lack of fussing over the strips as they cooked.

I don’t know how I let it happen, but after dinner, the twins conned me into playing their older sister’s Pokemon edition of Monopoly. Of course I roped the eldest into it once they managed to lock me into playing.

I used to love board games, but that was before the eldest came around and pretty much insisted on playing games over and over until she could beat the pants off of you. Without going into specifics, it is not just a personality trait that makes her obsessive-compulsive about activities she wants to master — for instance, she was reading by the time she turned four and was reading chapter books (e.g. Harry Potter) by the age of six, maybe as early as five. She taught herself how to crochet, do 3D rainbow-loom art and advanced origami. She was doing 500-piece puzzles when she was six and got bored with it because it wasn’t challenging enough. Sure, she’s in the gifted category, but that’s not the whole story. I’ll get in trouble if I say anything more than that, so let’s go back to the original comment: when she wants to master something, she does it until most people would find the activity a bit OCD, and then go beyond that (3am crocheting by mini-flashlight for context).

So, R (we’ll call her by her first initial)… She wanted to master certain games for a period of time. Do you know how many games of mancala I had to play during that phase? Esh! R would say, “Again!” over and over and, because I was trying to be a great dad instead of a good one, I humored it.

R burned me out on playing board games. In a major way. I also can’t begin to look a jigsaw puzzles. Or play cards.

But we played this version of Monopoly tonight and the twins had their first taste of “doesn’t this game ever end?!?!?!”. Well, it did. At bedtime. Reason: bedtime.

Final rankings:

  • Dad
  • Thing 2
  • Thing 1
  • R

R had a streak of bad luck, otherwise she would have probably beaten all of us. But, you know… It’s nice to pay her back now and again.

I’ve decided I probably need to find a bad habit. I am a recovering alcoholic, so no booze for me and I think there would be much frowning all around if I chose a different substance to abuse.

I quit smoking something like 9 years ago, so I can’t do that — although there are times I really wish I had a cigar or pipe to chew on. It’s not the nicotine any more, just something to do when I don’t have anything I want to do (there’s always something I should or have to do, but there are plenty of times I’d rather sit around sucking on a pipe stem and looking like one of those aristocratic old guys who must have taste, but doesn’t.

Chasing skirts is unseemly for someone my age, though I have nothing against looking (although I really try to avoid leering, as that is also unbecoming). Besides, chasing skirts would end up making me homeless and that seems like a poor trade-off. I guess I can work on my game with Doctor Death now that she’s receptive. But chasing skirts in a video game isn’t nearly as exciting as the real thing.

And gluttony…. I need a little less of that, not more.

Hmmm. I guess my next goal is to find a bad habit. I’ll take suggestions.

5 thoughts on “Myriad Miscellany”

  1. If only all doctors looked like that!

    A bad habit not listed 🤔
    Chewing fingernails
    Using your belly as a drum. But only xmas songs all year
    Using one odd, out of place word repeatedly
    Making axel crazy frog sounds whenever there is silence

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Indeed. If my doctor looked like that, I’d be sick all the time.

      Re; habits…

      I chew my fingernails, but not to the point of being noticeable. Seems dangerous these days.

      Belly as a drum: ooh – so that’s a bad habit? I do that too, but I hate Christmas (Bah!), and I hate Christmas songs worse, so… nope. Though doing Little Drummer Boy has its appeal.

      I’ll try the word thing, but I do occasionally yell out “albatross” without reason — does that count?

      I could try the frog idea too — I really like annoying the eldest with heartbeat sounds. I mentioned open heart surgery maybe sounding like that and not she has the mental image that drives her bonkers when I make that sound.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. What is a bad habit, something you do that is bad for you, or something you do often that annoys people?
        Probably both.

        As long as you aren’t Chewing other people’s nails I think it’s okay.

        You’ll have to sing along with drummer boy for the full effect. I see you murdered by loved ones by March.

        Albatross… Bad luck for sailors. I had the immediate thought of a person screaming it during climax. That could be a bad habit.
        I watched the platform recently and one character has the habit of saying obviously in almost every sentance, hilarious to watch for an hour, not for any longer.

        I could see you creeping up and make the sound in pressure situations. Does add a dramatic flair to everyday activities.

        Liked by 1 person

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