There’s only a wee bit of ethics in this post, although it seems to be the central core of the problems my country needs to resolve in order to improve itself. Ethics seem to be in short supply these past twenty or so years.

Consider some recent news…

My initial reaction to two Republicans’ initial hesitation to certify the vote in a county in Michigan was annoyance, then relief when the two realized (I thought) that no one was going to put up with these absurd theatrics.

But then, I discover one of the two requested to have her certification rescinded overnight. Her initial reason? She felt she had been bullied by people pointing out that she was a white woman deciding that, without any real evidence of fraud or hinky things going on, that she would delay or completely disenfranchise a predominantly Black county. I grew up in a “predominantly Black community” and, though very Caucasian, I have some very strong opinions when it appears that a White person thinks such communities deserve closer scrutiny than the communities matching their own skin color (I won’t go in depth, but my old neighborhood has always been on the shit-end of the stick because of the community “complexion”).

I was furious and got chided by the Washington Post’s comment system for typing “Oh, FFS.” Apparently, their bots know what I mean. I rolled my eyes and wrote something more literary (as my commenting persona on the site is more apt to do; I am a regular, although not obsessive commenter on WP). Of course, her “rescinding” the certification was a wee bit late, already submitted to the State, and past the point of no return.

Well, my friends, as it turns out, after certifying the results of the vote, she happens to get a call from The Loser Emperor Without Pants. No pressure, mind you… Just concern for well-being. But that’s when she decided she has second thoughts. Interesting…

While I tend to avoid politics on my site, I feel a need to point out what a clusterfuck this sham administration has been for our country. I know that I tend to lean towards the positive pole on the ethics magnet, but between antics like this and the Loser’s golfing buddy who totally, absolutely, obviously did not try to pressure Georgia into throwing out votes (hmm, another community of non-whites), “how could you suggest such a thing?”, I am tired of remaining silent.

What ever happened to personal ethics? When your honor and your word meant something? Was that all a sham too?

Honestly? There are days when I wonder if I am living in a fantasy world by clinging to something so readily apparent as to be absent from national conversations between Covid and politics.

Goddess help us.

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