Oh, for…

There are days I don’t particularly feel like dealing with a surly, arrogant and self-righteous teenage daughter who ignores all the advice she solicited about how to get her webapp for school functioning again. Especially when, as she asks for advice, the goes on and on about how stupid, surly, arrogant, and self-righteous her teacher (who is not tech savvy) is.

Me: Do A. Then B. And then, only then, do C.

Her: [does C]

Me: Oh, just fuck it.

I’m no tech expert, but I do know the basic protocols on how to fix most issues. That’s probably the reason why everyone the the household comes to me to fix shit. Plus, I have an intuitive ability to ferret out solutions.

So I really hate it when someone asks for tech advice and then just goes off and does whatever the hell they feel like doing. Don’t waste my time and don’t tell me it didn’t work when you skip several of the steps mentioned because they seem like fussy details.

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