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      1. The last time I seriously blogged for more than a dozen posts, I think I garnered 25 regulars. That was a few years back, and it looks like discovery tools have greatly improved.

        When I first started a “blog”, it was using the free webpage my dial-up ISP provided as a perk. Everything was largely hand-coded for each post and there were no “next” or “previous” posts. In fact, it was once long page done in whatever MS’s version of Dreamweaver was at the time (FREE! as opposed to $200 or something like that).

        WordPress was my instant go-to after it gained my attention.

        Thank goodness. It’s still one of the best (I’ve tried multiple services).

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      2. So you’ve been at this a while.
        And it seems, navigated hurdles I never knew existed.

        I’ve tried a few, but I’ve only used WordPress to garner results.

        You bought a domain recently. How’s it treating you? Set it up in a monetary capacity?

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      3. I like not having to fuss about with the domain like I did when I had 100% control in the past on other sites (I bought mine through WordPress direct). For the same price, you can have nearly 100% control at Bluehost, including having sub-domains (ex: subdom.domain.com) and plugins for your blog (current, I have to go to an upper tier to be able to use plugins), but then you actually have to futz around for setup and then maintain it so it is less susceptible to hacking, so on and so forth.

        I may migrate at the end of my term with WordPress so I can have added features, But, so far, I like the brainlessness of not having to do the other admin things.

        I largely did it so I could shut off WP ads and, in some fantasy world, maybe add subs to certain features (on the order of up to a dollar a month), but I’d need to see thousands of followers before I even considered that as a real possibility. I just can’t see charging people for anything I write and, if I did, I’d have to do multiple edits, which would cramp my style.

        TLDR; I like the flexibility and control. Totally worth it for me.

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      4. I was looking at their tiered system the other day. I think I’m still 6 months from paying but it’s good to be informed.
        I didn’t realise it was a set term with WordPress. 12 months?
        I thought if I was to do it, I would leave the ads and get the reward since it was my content. I think you are right, it would take thousands of visitors to make bank. I was hoping enough to pay the monthly fee.

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      5. Advertisment revenue requires quite a bit of traffic to pay for the site. And you usually have almost no control of the content.

        Supporter based subscriptions is cleaner and you don’t have annoying ads foisted on your audience.

        Annual fees are the only way you can buy the domain pretty the controlling parties. WordPress can’t do anything with the domain they’ve registered if you bail after a month, so they require you to purchase the server space for the time that they hold the domain on your name.

        It’s the cost of them tossing in that “free” registration.

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      6. Shame. I thought I did it that way I could improve content and the ads would be tailored to suit the site. After all they are using me to sell their trash.

        I don’t think I’ll ever get to a subscription base. I have followers on WordPress but the email subs are lacking.

        That makes sense. A commitment all round.

        Thanks for the info.

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      7. You could always resort to chicanery. You know — following absolutely every site on your discovery channel and hope they feel enough guilt to follow you back. 😉

        The ads would probably reflect your content somewhat. But the bad actors are always trying to circumvent the system. Honestly, I hate ads.

        Having exclusive content hidden behind a cheap paywall is more honest, but you’d better have damn good content if you want folks to pay for it — and it could be lucrative enough to pay for the server fees. Think more patreon-equse.

        Over the years, I’ve decided to pay for the “vanity” of having a site is worth it, as long as I am not letting it linger in limbo by neglecting it.

        I could go on, but maybe I’ll post about it. Have a great Sunday.

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      8. I’ve never considered that. I already follow enough sites. I barely keep up now.
        I’ve seen that number grabbing game on Instagram and I find it disappointing.
        Ads used to be funny. I don’t see the humor anymore. Though I think I’ve trained my eye to see past most.
        If money wasn’t an issue I would splash out. Im not greedy I thought if I had enough of a readership to cover cost I would make the leap. I don’t expect to make anything from it.

        Look forward to the post if you write it.

        Hope the weekend was a good one.

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      9. I do it to spare people the asinine ads.

        Plus — vanity 😉

        Internet to me: “You’re so vain/you probably think this blog is about you/You’re so vain…”

        I think that’s how the song goes.

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