Darwinism in practice

“We’re doing really good in South Dakota. We’re managing COVID-19, but also our economy is thriving.” Gov. Kristi Noem (SD), a state where the super-spreader biker rally took place at the end of summer.

I’ll lay off the doom and gloom after this, but this is what “personal responsibility” has given the five-state area in the Upper Midwest. I live in Minnesota. Three weeks ago, we were at about 25 or 30 (per 100k people) on the rate of infections while ND, WI and SD raged in coronavirus cases. This is what happens when all of your neighbors (all on this list except for Wyoming) decide coronavirus “will just magically go away” and act as if their personal desires outweigh their responsibility to their fellow citizens. Four of the states below are “red states”. Minnesota has been “blue” for as long as I can remember and Wisconsin just “flipped” to “blue” in the last election. So much for those “red” states (which have lower population densities) being so much better about the “blue state problem”. And thanks to a bunch of idiots, we’ve now skyrocketed from about the mid-40s to nearly 120 cases per 100k people in just over a week or two.

As the Church Lady would say; “Well, isn’t that special?”

“Oppressive” mask wearing could have prevented such things as the spike we are seeing around here.

Umm, not quite what Dr. Fauci had in mind, guys.

But, apparently, “my body, my choice” rules the roost here (but, interestingly, not when it comes to the realm of reproductive rights). And, while chin-diaper wearing of masks is technically “wearing a mask”, it is not going to stop you for inhaling or shedding all those little crowned bastards. They like to party as hard as you do.

Yeah, go for it. Just don’t stop me from taking precautions you “choose” to eschew.

Robert A. Heinlein once wrote: “Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.” (Lazarus Long, Time Enough for Love). I think we’re seeing the truth of this statement, and I’ve reached the stage where I’m all for allowing people to be idiots to clean up the gene pool just a bit.

Just get to the back of the line if you want to pretend none of the things health experts are saying you should do make a difference when you have to go to the fucking hospital because you decided your gatherings and skewed political mantras were more important than taking any actual personal responsibility.

You can fucking wait until those who did follow some basic safety protocols have been seen to by the medical staff. If you die, well, it is your body, your choice.

2 thoughts on “Darwinism in practice”

  1. Yes! I have been saying this since the start of this pandemic. Darwin’s survival of the fittest, and we have front-row seats! In my city, a large group of university students formed an illegal fight club because they were bored due to covid-19 (their words, not mine). They blasted it all over social media. They got found out. 🙄 ‘Course they did. But I say let them! Let them knock each other the fuck out. Either that way… or by covid (because they were not wearing masks, or distancing)… basically fewer idiots left on the planet or fewer functional ones in the least. Win-win.

    Great post. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    But yes to everything you said.

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