Epic Fail

Well, my first attempt at reader interaction on this site appears to be an epic failure.

The weekend is drawing to a close and I’ve gotten one, solitary and lonely response to the post (which was meant to be semi-humorous and an opportunity to tease me without repercussions), so it seems silly to do a followup post on a single response to my absurd idiosyncrasies.

I will try harder next time and try to be more serious.

Or just do what I’ve always done and spare y’all.

All apologies…

4 thoughts on “Epic Fail”

  1. Haha – I thought it was a fun attempt but personally didn’t really grasp the concept of suggesting a crush for someone 🤭🤣

    My mind blocked at the ‘but that’s not how crushes work’ part of it 😳
    I’m down for a next attempt tho!

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