I’ll admit I probably have some weird Freudian issue going on when I say that I think I’m on the prowl for a fake-crush.

Yeah, I suppose I should explain that.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I have this little habit of admitting I have a crush on someone that I have zero chance of meeting and even less chance of being romantic with. It’s a bit of game with myself to get googly-eyed about some famous person (or persona), living, dead or otherwise.

I’m sure everyone has those kinds of fantasies now and again.


Okay, so I’m probably the only person that has ever admitted that.

But anyway, I went for years sighing over, for example, Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly. See? Dead. But serious crush. I don’t know that it’s all that secret if you’ve visited for a while that I still haven’t gotten over my crush on Death from the Sandman graphic novel series, or Siouxsie Sioux. I had a short-lived crush on Patricia Morrison (Sister of Mercy/Sisterhood), and I still carry a torch for Saya Kuroki from Deadly Class (graphic novel version), though she had competition from Petra Yolga from the same series in the first school year. I have a thing for Tae Takemi from Persona 5, but I wonder if that’ll change, seeing as she is a romance option in the game.

Okay okay… I probably really do need therapy.

Soooo anyway, I’m thinking for the sake of entertaining myself this weekend — asking for submittals from anyone swinging by this site and having the guts to play my silly game. Nominate someone I should have a fake crush on. Anyone, real or fake, as long as there are links in the comments to see who you’re talking about (I mean, what’s the point in having a crush if you don’t know what your crush looks like?).

If you are, for whatever reason, wanting to remain anonymous to everyone (but not me, sorry), feel free to use the contact form to give me your submission and, assuming I get any submissions, I’ll probably do a followup post as honor your wishes to remain anonymous.

I’ll probably regret this post, but what the hell — I can always delete it after everyone unfollows me for being such a weirdo.

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