Final note on Joy Division

…for the time being and then I’ll let it go.

If you recall, I have a pretty scathing opinion about Bernard Sumner from Joy Division and New Order. You can read it here, if you need a refresher, but the essence is that he was a right prick the one time I met him and first impressions count. And second impressions. And fiftieth.

But, in the interest of trying to be fair because, after all, Hooky was able to still say mostly good things about him in the book he wrote about Joy Division, though they were obviously not very good friends anymore. I thought I might consider reading Bernard’s version of the Joy Division story, just to get perspective.

But, on a lark, I decided to just see what the internet thought of the rivalry between the two former bandmates.

Wow. The response, every place I turned, was that Hooky was the better of the two. A few justifications for the internet’s opinions centered around Bernard’s book I’d considered reading. Apparently, he has absolutely zero good to say about Hook and gets into all sorts of passive-aggressive insults.

How do you play with someone for 20 years (or more, didn’t do the math) if you hate your bass player with such venom?

Did you follow the second link? It is the story of a self-righteous jerk who is bitching about coronavirus because he can’t use his yacht.

Rock star Bernard Sumner has said that “lockdown’s doing my f***ing nut in” because he can’t get to his boat in Wales.

The founding member of hugely successful bands Joy Division and New Order told The Times that he can’t get to his brand new boat because “the f***ing Welsh won’t let me in”.

Wales Online

Nothing I’ve seen has made me want to read the book now. Hook and Ian are my heroes from the band. Fuck Barney.

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