Six impossible [or absurd] things before breakfast

Absurdity. It should be my middle name by now.

When I get something into my head, I sometimes can’t let it go. And it shows.

First absurd act in past 24 hours

Electronic media is how I’ve handled most of my writing for years now. You know, open up a chromebook and write some stuff down, or fire up the desktop (like now), or pull up Keep on the “smart” phone and jot down whatever seems important to jot down at the given moment. I’ve even gone as far as to play the guinea pig with the ReMarkable, a e-ink tablet/pen combination, and bought a first generation version of it to give me something portable to write with that has more of a tactile feel to it than tapping capacitive buttons.

I like my tactile tools. As much of a tech geek as I can sometimes be, I often miss good old fashioned paper for writing (until I try to read it the next day, eesh).

So, of absolutely no surprise to anyone in my household last night, I got fixated on portable writing options. And, also of no surprise to anyone if they found out, it may have very well been prompted by reading the intro to This is Permanence, a collection of Ian Curtis’s writings outside of his lyrics for Joy Division. The forward was written by Debbie, his wife, and she described him walking around with a tote bag of poetry, notes and lyric fragments. That got me to recalling how I did much the same growing up, although it was a canvas military surplus courier satchel, not something more akin to a briefcase, as he recollection made it appear. I kind of missed those days.

And so the thought wormed it’s way into my brain and I started searching online for my options. I’ll admit that I was and still am very torn between the option of a leather cover that holds field note-sized booklets of about 48 pages each (3.5-in x 5.0-in) or a hard-bound field book about the same dimensions with 148 or so pages. I liked the aesthetics of the former, and the practicality of the latter (the books fit nicely in boxes and shelves and are freestanding).

Trials and tribulations!

I ended up with the later option because “startup” was about a third of the price as the former option.

How is this absurd?

In the day and age of coronavirus, there will be no jaunts to the coffee house to have a cuppa or six of joe. There will be minimal travel. I essentially bought something portable to largely carry around at home, although I do go out and about now and then. But, usually, writing is not on my mind.

Idiot. Still, I’ll give it a whirl and see if it scratches that tactile need.

Second absurd act in past 24 hours

I just caught myself shopping for bass guitars. 5-string and 6-string bass guitars, to be specific. Just curious about pricing these days, I told myself. And then dug in and started doing a bit more than compare pricing.

Am I actively playing bass in a band? No.

Will I likely play in a band in the next few years? No.

Do I need a bass to write music? Not really. I have a 4-string bass I built when I was a teenager. Nothing fancy, but it does the job (it was my first instrument when I finally got around to realizing I was a terrible singer).

Why? Why a bass guitar then?

Because the teenager trapped inside wants to get back into playing in a band, although no one would have this old fart and play the kind of music he’d want to play. That’s why.

So I closed down the browser tab that had all the shineys and decided to write about my absurdities.

I’d go into my third absurd act in the past 24 hours, except I promised myself to lay off most political discussion on this site. Let’s just say I had hopes that political news would be total milquetoast for a while now that the elections were done. Certain people have different ideas about the matter and won’t give it a rest.

6 thoughts on “Six impossible [or absurd] things before breakfast”

  1. A wise man once sang:

    I am the very model of a scientist Salarian!
    I’ve studied species, Turian, Asari, and Batarian.
    I’m quite good at genetics (as a subset of biology),
    because I am an expert (which I know is a tautology).

    My xenoscience studies range from urban to agrarian –
    I am the very model of a scientist Salarian!


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