Promises, promises

I’ve made several mentions of being an amateur composer over the past few months, but offered absolutely zero proof that what I say has any basis in reality. Well, at the risk of losing all of my followers, as they hang their head in shame and disgust that I would even begin to consider to venture to share anything so absolutely awful… I’ve decided to test your loyalty.

Here is a fragment of a somewhat recent piece (i.e. transferred to .WAV about March, 2019; it’s been extended and modified since then) I initially named “Myrrh”, but seem to have had a change a heart about the name in subsequent iterations and called it “Perchance to Dream” in the lengthier version. The change of heart was probably due to some working lyrics I had going on at the time (based on memory) that never seemed to pan out.

You’ll only lose about a minute of your life that you’ll never get back by listening to it, and you can always just forget this post exists if you’d rather maintain some modicum of respect for me (hey, at least I didn’t foist a remastered “Trips” from a video-to-cassette-to-digital from back when I was still goth-ing it out — they went crazy and let me sing on that track, those idjits).

Anyway, take a gander if you dare.

By way of explanation, I was purposefully going for a certain sound — mostly to prove I mimic the sound The Mission (with or without the UK suffix, make the name fit in with how you know the band), a band I greatly admired in the later part of the 80s and most of the way through the 90s. I always loved their guitar riffs, but never got a chance to emulate them — either I was the rhythm guitarist or the bands I played with wouldn’t be caught dead sounding like The Mission. With the magic of digital multitracking, I can lay down the bass, drums and rhythm guitar first, and then noodle over the results as a lead guitarist without offending anyone’s sensibilities about what a lead guitarist should play.

The “band” name is a working one. “gældorsang” is a bit of a Anglo-Saxon/Old Norse mashup: “gældor” is perverted “galdr” and means magic or spell, “sang” is an archaic variant of “song”. I don’t think I’d continue to use that name if it came down to it, I just lacked better ideas at the time.

Anyway, without further adieu…

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