Celebration time

Thank you, spirits of nature and common sense and being not-stupid!

I received an email this evening, just as I hopped back onto the PC to maybe write a bit. Or surf. Or quit and go back to playing Persona 5. Stress levels have long exceeded maximum recommended levels between:

  • The election — until it’s called, I’m going to stay stressing out, but have liked the recent direction the count is going
  • Being slow at work — no meaningful billable hours until yesterday
  • Covid — trying to navigate things when about half the country doesn’t believe in science (or think that it will go away when one political party loses the election)
  • My chronic autoimmune bullshit — which always escalates when I am stressed, leaving me exhausted and in pain and generally wanting to build a pine box I can slither into
  • Juggling at home schooling — the sig other takes care of the bulk of it, but science guy needs to jump in on occasion, and then there’s the listening to two first graders sounding out words in a book and chomping at the bit to help them along when they struggle
  • The teen who can’t be bothered — it’s not like she can’t do [fill in the blank], she doesn’t see any reason to do it
  • The parent who tosses out Catholic/Lutheran Guilt Complex (TM) like confetti because — holidays. Covid. Winter incoming making outdoor stuff, well, not comfortable.

Or any number of other things I’ve failed to recall because the stress makes me forgetful.

But this email. *SIGH* This email took a load off.

The school district has had a serious boner about getting the kids into school and they were essentially punishing us parents who were like: Oh Hell No! Our frank and firm conviction is this is a terrible time to return to school because of recent exponential growth curve of coronavirus detections in the region [we’re better off, per capita, than out neighbors, but for how long?]. Finally they were forced to see sense.

So, instead of doing some half-assed distance learning thing away from the teacher they’ve had since the beginning of the school year, with zero promised engagement in the arts (my twins are going to an art-centric school)… the school let us know that we will be continuing as we have since school started for the foreseeable future.

All hail continuity! All hail keeping arts commitment!

Now, if they’d only hurry up and declare the winner of the presidential race…

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