we, wendigo

we walk wendigo, our gnawing beast famished within. trees senap and cranch pushing hardwyrd away, snowmoved: hurt. cry. need.

feeding, the sincurse suffering pangs. neverfull, we walk the shadnight plains twixt moonbeam burntight; willow willow weep for me.

hunger, beast rattlebones me chest. rattlebones and friendfeast, sorrowful we.

now other hunt.

follow bloodcrust snow trailway behind. and make stop hurtme hunger, their coldsteel cuts… sleep.

Originally posted on sceadugenga.com

7 thoughts on “we, wendigo”

    1. The short answer is that, yes, Minnesota is associated with wendigo due to the Anishinaabe/Ojibway tribal presence in the northern part of our state, the group of people from which the stories of taboo evolved (actually, I believe Anishinaabe are an offshoot of the originating tribe).

      But, I doubt you would find more than 5% of the population in Minnesota that have ever heard of the wendigo — and that’s including the tribal members in our state (although they’d probably make up the bulk of those who _had_ heard). You’d find more familiarity (I believe) in Canada and in the lands north of the Great Lakes than anywhere in the US.

      My familiarity is borne more out of being a weirdo who grooves out on obscure myth, monsters and tribal wisdom. And Cthulhu.

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      1. That’s interesting. The map I found had a wide spread for the wendigo.
        I expected it to be common knowledge for most Americans, or at least, those in the wendigo afflicted states.

        As a child I loved all things monster. If I recall, I first heard of the wendigo in a monster anthology I was gifted in my early teens.
        The map I found recently while researching the flatwoods monster.
        Much love to H P.
        Have you seen the new colour out of space film? It’s on my list.

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        1. Same here about monsters as a child. Or an adult.

          I have not seen the film. I have yet to see a HPL film that did justice to the story, so I’ve avoided them the past few years. I suppose if it comes to one of the streaming services, I’ll give it a whirl. Still, it would be with trepidation.

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          1. I don’t remember the story so well. I considered rereading before watching the film but changed my mind. I’m planning on watching the film then going back to the story.
            With nick cage starring it might be queer enough to work 🤞

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  1. […] we, wendigo is an experimental poetry piece (as noted in the tag). Normally, I don’t mind doing these postmortem self-evaluations on prose, but dislike providing too much explanation to poetry because I think that poetry should have some mystique surrounding it and room for the reader’s interpretation. […]


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