Poor Planning; The Son of NaNo

Poor Planning; The Son of NaNo

There’s nothing like deciding you need to have an actual plan for an upcoming novel the night before you commence writing said novel. You know, something more than a few bullet points and something that at least whiffs of a plot outline.

Have I mentioned that I am no good at being a planner? That, at the very best, I am a planster (half-assed plot, write by the seat of your pants)? I think I mentioned I was more a gardener than an architect. So it goes.

Yeah. It’s not gonna change overnight. But I was setting up for writing NaNoWriMo using Wavemaker.cards because it allows me to write cross-platform and stores in Google Drive. It is kind of like a poor-man’s Scrivener and still being developed by the looks of it. But it is functional for what I want (although I wish it had night mode).

Anyway, it has a template for Save the Cat novel writing. I hadn’t looked into it, but after reading the prompts and then the description of said prompts here, I decided to do some cramming and try to fit my rough outline into the basic template tonight before writing in earnest tomorrow.

Once again, dear readers, I’ll remind you that no one accused me of being brilliant. Good luck on the morrow.

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