52 Pickup

Random brainstorm:

  • Knave of clubs/spades/hearts (but not diamonds, never diamonds) stealing dreams while people sleep.
    • Not really a card, but goes by the moniker. Maybe skip the card reference.
    • Card references have probably already been done to hell, but there is a lingering appeal towards their use.
    • Knave, NOT Jack. Puh-leez. Knave is so much cooler.
  • Slips into people’s dreams, steals their desires.
    • Be aware, this is essentially thematically the same as Persona 5, which I am playing at the moment. Still, it’s roughly an idea I’ve been toying with and iterating on since pre-2000 with “Drifter”, so… not quite derivative.
    • But these are not palaces filled with deadly sins, but dreams as physical tools.
  • Dream thief.
  • World akin to Neverwhere, world within the world as it is, except composed of dreams, rather than folks who have slipped through the cracks.
  • Character is just klepto; other forces recruit to do something. What? No clue, still infant iteration. For sure: no evil overlord or saving world from destruction bullshit, just something personal and localized.
    • Perhaps starts of innocently enough. Then gets used to do something malign as things progress. A framing? Or just treated like a tool that is discarded when character doesn’t go for the whole enchilada. Play with ideas.
  • Character is the best, but untrained talent.
  • Is real world aware of dream thieves? Or oblivious?
    • Lean towards oblivious, mostly because easier to work with chumps.
  • Maybe switcheroo on NaNo for this. Total seat of pants effort, zero planning outside this list.
    • Would be cool to solicit basic info from reader base here to develop story on. Starter sentence? Must include “such and such”? Character profile?

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