Retro Halloween – Duranies Variant

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I am a pre-1988 Duranie. Sure, I like some of their later songs, but none of them quite captured me in the same way as their first three albums and, if I’m honest about, I still lean more towards the first two with all of the B-sides associated with them. They lost me right after the whole Arcadia thing and, while PowerStation had some fun tunes, only the two with videos have stuck with me over the years — and one was a T.Rex cover.

While the linked video is kind of cheesy watching it years later, you should know that I was absolutely enamored by the old monster flicks growing up with actors like Bela Lugosi, Vincent Price, Lon Chaney, Boris Karloff; and production companies like Hammer House of Horror. Late Saturday morning television and all-day matinee movies at the local cheap movie house (I think 25 or 50 cents would buy you all Saturday afternoon viewing of old sci-fi, monster movies and Godzilla-athons).

This fascination with old horror tropes is probably what lead me by very short tether to the gothic music I loved growing up. But before Goth was my absolute obsession with the darker Duran Duran and New Romanticism. Folks on this side of the pond rarely got to see videos like Night Boat and often mistake Michael Jackson as being the harbinger of the return of the zombi to popular culture with Thriller.

This video was shot well before Thriller and the song written well before that (although the song doesn’t explicitly mention zombis or horror tropes, it is one of the more eerie songs on the eponymous album by the lads).

Happy Halloween. Duranie style.

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