This is your brain…

I’m not the fastest writer, which is probably why I fail to break 50k words for NaNoWriMo more often than not. Essentially, I need to plan out a block of two hours, sometimes more, to write enough words to make that minimum target of 1667 words a day for thirty days. Sure, I’ve been known to get hot as hell and write 7000 words in a single day, but that takes up most of the day (four hours absolute minimum, and probably closer to six), as then the slacking comes around and I get distracted and overwhelmed when I look at the calendar and see I have five days left to write half of the 50k words I need to get down.

It’s actually a good thing I am “training” for NaNoWriMo this year. Two hours tends to mentally wear me out and a case of the stupids start to set in near the end of that period. I make mistakes, get sloppy and start looking for distractions to distract me. While I’ve never considered myself a stellar writer, I do know the quality goes downhill about three hours in unless I am liquored up (which is not an option any more, I’m sad to say, riding that sobriety train like I am). When I was still drinking, I seemed to be energized to write for hours on end. In truth, the quality was probably even less than it is now. I shudder to think of some of the writing I did back then.

So the past few days have been fruitful with respect that I know I absolutely need to take a little break every two hours or so away from writing, stretch, walk around, clear my head of all the collected garbage that piles up in the precious few brain cells I have remaining to me.

Replacing “on drugs” with “after a too-long writing session” and it describes my condition pretty damned well.*

I think I did effectively the same thing when I was drinking still, except the alcohol probably took out the brain trash for me on a continuous basis. So it goes.

But what I am getting in this post is not to wax poetic (or not) about previous intemperate habits, but to point out that you might be spared the typical brain barf I spew out here during November if I’m to be productive at all. I’m not sure I have the stamina for it, to be honest. Maybe if I take my breaks as an opportunity to catch a quick nap…

God, I’m getting old.

*Apologies to folks unfamiliar with the 80’s public service announcement that played almost any time they thought a teen might be watching television in the US. The above image is a subversion of that PSA.

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