Blogs, Bastards and Balderdash

Today’s blog efforts were more on the back-end than on the fore. As I looked over the madness I had wrought, I decided that I wasn’t as pleased with the overall look of the site as I had been the night before and I found myself playing around with the themes and the colors a bit more.

It’s the little things that started to bug me, and then the big things. I think the first annoyance I discovered was that the categories didn’t retain their hierarchy in the theme I was using and they looked terribad as a result. Then I noticed that there was no “About” or “Contact” tabs (not that they are any great works of art, mind you, but I like those pages to be present if I created them). Then I decided the whole background take on the header image was really annoying me and that the whole thing then seemed a cluttered mess.

After much hair pulling, I tossed out the whole look and tried to go with a simpler look. I don’t know that I’m terribly happy yet. While I’m all about the night mode look, I wonder if that’s my overall problem. Ugh. I might go back to the original theme.

I did my best to ignore the political television events of the evening. I read the short synopsis, confirmed my biases and now find myself here doing not necessarily what I do best, but one of the things I can do without driving myself mad with either rage or boredom.

I tried to think a bit about writing because, duh, I am about to embark on a writing venture in less than twenty days. But I didn’t really have it in me tonight. Maybe I expended myself the other night coming up with a rough map of the region I plan to write about (real only in my mind). Or maybe I just have a hard time focusing these past few days. In all honesty, I should probably just go ahead, be a rebel defiant of “rules”, and start writing my NaNoWriMo story now so I can see if the tale has legs. I’ve tried outlining more than the first act, but I don’t think I have a good enough feel of the situation or the characters to really know what the story is. I mean, I have a general idea of the end result and the Act climaxes, but I don’t know if those plans will bear fruit until I give everyone their voice. I’m one of those poor sods who tries to be a planner-writer, but usually fail miserably either by not completing the planning before I begin, or find out that the story disagrees with my well-laid out plans, and I have given to being lazy about the whole business as a result.

Nor am I really the “planster” type. I may have an bit of an outline, but I am never wed to the outline and I often veer off completely from any notion of the plan when I get past about 10,000 words.

No, I’ll had to admit that I’m one of those “pantsters” or “gardeners” that usually cannot work with a story beyond a minimalist framework of the ideas. Which means that I’m probably best suited to writing serialized work. Maybe I should write a space opera…

And, as long as there are 50,000 words written in the month of November, I guess the spirit of the contest is there.

Or maybe, I just need to stop writing tonight and hie me to the resting place and sleep…

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