Grendel, Grendel

Well, here we go again. The fact that WordPress was running a flash sale on domain hosting convinced me to migrate to my own domain. Again.

I have owned several domains over the years of my blogging and I like the being able to have a wee bit more control over the looks and limit the number of ads that pop up for readers (read: I prefer no ads). At $48 for a year (normally $96), I decided I have been faithful enough to this incarnation to give it a go at being able to choose my own domain name (among other fun things like premium themes). It’ll also give me some control if I decide to fork over a little more money to run a subdomain, should I decide to post the NaNoWriMo 2020 results online, which would make it infinitely cleaner.

As a result, if you visit the actual page instead of going through the Reader, you see I’m done some mixing it up a bit. A bit darker theme and I’ve elected to go with the singular variation of the Anglo-Saxon name for the site (removing the final “n”, which is the plural case). When I set this up, my WordPress options were limited, as a number of variants for the name were already in use (actually, they were closed down by the users and not reclaimable). I was a bit surprised to see the .com variant was available.

Grendel by Charles Keeping

So, if anything has gone hinky for you trying to read my stuff in the near future, it’s because of the migration from a to a hosted domain.

Anyway, it’s been an interesting evening of redesign and I should take care of a few things before turning into a pumpkin.

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