I’ve been avoiding writing anything other than creative writing these past few days because I’m afraid I’ll toss something out into the ethersphere that I will later regret having released into the wild.

Suffice it to say, I’m a bit frustrated with current events, both personal and political. Interestingly, it all revolves around the coronavirus and other folks’ attitudes about the matter. It makes me want to tear my hair out, which would be a lengthy endeavor considering the sheer volume I have of my luxurious locks (I make this comment only to imply how long it would take, not as a sign of my so-called virility).

To be succinct:

  • The US has someone who is more interested in image and political agenda than in leadership in the captain’s chair. What should have been a pivotal moment in understanding has become a 3-ring circus instead. I am ashamed that the worst in American attitudes is being broadcast to the world when, under any other arrangement, we’d show our compassion and leadership in this crisis.
  • Someone in the local school district has gotten it in their mind that the kids need to be back to in-school lessons. This is in light that all four neighboring states and nationally we have seen exponential upticks in positive coronavirus tests. They are required, by executive order, to offer distance learning to those families who have at-risk members (having type 2 diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis makes me at-risk) or those who do not feel that it is not safe enough to go back to in-person schooling. As a result, they decided to go with a lowest-common-denominator approach to the distance learning, covering only the basics, ignoring any magnet-program (the twins are in an arts-intensive program) and think that giving “gifted” students (our eldest is off the charts) more work than their peers is a way to address their need to be challenged (essentially, they have to do the basic work and if they want or need challenge, they get to do more homework instead of being challenged with their normal work). Our other option is to let the twins go back in about a month and the eldest to see what they plan to do beginning in January, or keep them signed up for this hackney’d approach towards schooling. I’m livid.
  • We still have people who think that masking up is somehow violating their rights instead of seeing it as a “we’re all in this together, let’s keep each other safe”. This includes politicians who, in spite of clear evidence that hanging out without masks in a rose garden has lead to a number of people getting coronavirus, they still persist in saying it was “unavoidable” or a “necessary risk”. Calling bullshit on both statements.

I’m torn, of course, when it comes to the kids. I want them to experience what we signed them up for — one is already an awesome artist before she started the arts program, the other is an amazing singer (lord knows she didn’t get her talent from me), the third needs to be challenged or she gets bored and has already commented she should “drop out of school” when she hasn’t even hit high school because she hates the tedium of low expectations. I can’t do anything about the rest of the covidiots out there, who want to wish it away instead of taking decisive action to limit the spread of the contagion.

I think I’m getting an ulcer at this rate, and I hope that everything calms down in the next few months so I can avoid these moments of pure rage at the stupidity of too many people around me.

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