Song song song

I did a bit of dabbing with songwriting today. Lost all track of time, as usually the case when I’m songwriting. I haven’t done it for a while because, as I think I’ve posted in the past, it isn’t nearly as fulfilling when there’s not someone else to bounce ideas off of, or someone with a decent voice to sing for me. I’ve gotten better with my singing skills over the years, but I’m not someone who really belongs behind a microphone and it shows when I try to ignore this fact of life and add my own vocals to my songs.

That said, it was still a nice distraction from being exhausted and grumpy because of chronic pain of one type or another. I forgot I was hurting, so intent was I at trying to get the right sound out of the software. Or, rather, out of my head and into the software.

If there is one hobby I do miss that I don’t partake in as much these days, it is writing music. I miss playing in a full band, but I am largely unable to because of physical limitations (arthritis-stiff finger joints) and my hermit nature. If I was smart, I’d probably try to find an online collaboration setup with like-minded songwriters, but I find my interests always seem to be a far cry from what others are doing. Luckily, it is a different skills set that comes with digital recording and I don’t need to rely on misbehaving meat muscles to play things right when I sequence (you might be surprised as how realistic the sequenced instruments sound these days).

Like most artistic activities I get involved in, I like to improvise from the get go. I like experimenting with nearly all styles except modern Country and Rap. Sometimes I lay down a track of basic drums, sometimes I start of with a guitar riff (sequenced or real), maybe just a bass line. And then I build around it, usually surprising myself in the end with what genre it is most influenced by.

Today started off sounding real Cocteau Twins (unintentional other than using the patch named after them for the guitar sound) with a Cure feel (Disintegration era), but after playing around, it ended up more Rose Chronicles feeling, much to my surprise. Not sure if it will go anywhere, but there’s 45 seconds of a song that didn’t exist this morning.

I think I may go back and borrow the basic sounds, but change the feel a bit tomorrow. I think I want more of something that sounds like Kristy Thirsk might have used for a backdrop to her vocals back in the 90s. I have a better melody in my head that is influenced by that shoegaze sound.

If I decide I like anything enough to share, maybe I’ll post here and foist it on your ears. Who knows. I surely don’t.

Then, again, maybe I don’t want to scare any of you away and I’ll just keep my experiments to myself.

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