I am almost never happy with what I write.

There. I said it.

It goes a long ways towards explaining why you see reoccurring themes in what you read here. Instead of revisions, I tend towards iterations (although I’m not opposed to revisions). Usually, my response to my own work us, “Ugh! That doesn’t at all get at what I am trying to evoke!” And when that isn’t the mental utterance, it is, “Ugh! Why does it feel like everything is derivative!” (usually more so with prose and fiction than with poetry, but it could also apply to the poetry).

Maybe I should just hang up the hat. It’s a contemplation I ponder more often than it might seem (daily), but then I go and get compelled to jot down a few more lines which sound good in the head, but seem like bad translations of things carved on stones by Picts to Greek and then run through Google Translate. It’s worse than a game of Telephone or Chinese Whispers run through about twenty people before it gets from head to hand.

Except not that good.

With that in mind, thank you for continuing to visit the site and taking one for the team. I’m sure there are less painful ways for you to spend your time.

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