days gone by/


labyrinthine skyway
urbanex tresspass
riding the viking city's back
aloft and above
throngs and buses
summer heat

mills where wheels turn no more
empty railroad warehouses
where bums shit, sleep and drink

mary tyler moore in bronze
holding court in crystal
buskers outlouding street preaching
shouts at the devil in biker leather
the casual lusty glance 
of hookers towards cops
jesus smoking, watching
we try to catch mohawk's eye
-- she deftly ignores

black men in bright
purple zoot suits
daring you to enter dick's:
"are you experienced?"
next to narrow high windows
selling fantasy and
rifle sport record store
dirty magazines adjacent to
paperback necromonicon,
maus and superman
buck knife wielding rednecks
who hate the fag you must be
while the pigs turn away
ignoring the scene

bawdy cabaret vaudeville tucked
behind "SEX SEX SEX"
because naughty of all stripes 
belongs to the neon-lit streets

sipping at turkish sweet coffee 
and your java gyro lunch
waiting for the show
where a man plays guitar in a
worn out house dress
from a second hand store


denise with the
black and sick-green
painted nails and the 
rat's nest siouxsie hair
hefted each of her knit long sleeves
showed me her arms
etched with words like:
in block letters
to scare me away
"i'm ugly, on medication and
i cut myself. see?
doesn't that scare you?"
expecting me to make excuses
as to why i had to leave

i smiled sadly, 
not sure how to tell her
i'd share her pain,
if she'd only let me

sharing not in her nature --
she drifted away without waiting for
my response,
ophelia in the weeds